Online presence & E-commerce is about how to

Talk to the heart of your ideal clients

One of the most difficult, but ultimately most rewarding steps is to describe your product/service in one short sentence that leaves the audience feeling, “now that’s what I want.”

E-commerce – highlighting the essence of the values for the customer

Highlighting the essence

There are two kind of values: the apparent one - that turns potential customers into clients, and the discoverable one - that keeps your client and builds your reputation. Apparent value is for example that you can achieve a desired result, the discoverable one that it is really easy to work with you. Apparent value can be that your service is best in class, discoverable that you have amazing customer service. The apparent value is the one that should be highlighted and helps the customer solve a challenge, make her/his life way easier. The discoverable value is the one that ensures you a higher retention rate and return on investment.

Having oversight of return on investment

Having oversight of return on investment both for you and your clients

The measurement environment is inarguably the backbone of every e-commerce and online activity. On your end, the primary metrics include measuring the investments on a campaign activity including the wages of employees who worked on it, including additional costs, the direct costs of the product/service and the active cash income from a campaign. The secondary metrics includes the cost of the related activities such as customer support and the associated organizational costs. This results in the primary ROI. The soft metrics such as reputation, brand value, and shareholder satisfaction shows the real and overall ROI of an activity. From the client’s side, the actual investments in your service/product versus the overall benefits such as time savings, cost savings, and loss prevention will determine their overall ROI.

Defining the best strategy

Defining the best strategy

The more sophisticated a strategy is, the less work is needed in the middle-long term and the faster the organization can grow without by-rounds and pitfalls. Based on all the known data and the characteristics of the business, it becomes possible to find the one or few key activities that will bring the most income with the least investment, connecting you with your ideal clients. This may vary from increasing income with search engine optimization, paid advertising, A/B testing (also known as split testing), PR, refining the message to attract more ideal clients, adding a new feature to make the retention rate significantly higher, to decreasing the expenses by lowering the customer support need, etc.

Innovation might be expensive. But remaining mediocre is even more expensive.

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