Break a record

"The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles." — Oren Harari

Why set a good record?

Key advantages

  • By default, we start thinking in a new way for record-breaking: the focus shifts to "how would it be possible".
  • During the feasibility assessment on how the organization could bear a 5-10X load, not just many bottlenecks might come to light, but many new solutions for improvement, too.

Even if we would not enter the phase of record-breaking, by increasing efficiency in key areas, we may save already significant resources that we can allocate elsewhere.

By breaking a record, new possibilities may emerge:

  • Increased brand reputation may open new doors that weren't attainable before.
  • You may perform a quality switch on your clientele.

Additional advantages

  • New abilities may come to light (hey, do we know that?).
  • A new standard may be revealed at the organization.
  • The preparation places things in a new perspective, e.g. why do we do email marketing when we find it much more fun to build a community and it has even a higher ROI.
  • Income ROI may skyrocket.
  • A record can set a stream of long-term revenue and you don’t have to do the daily squabble and fight.

Possible areas

Company-wideSpecific or micro-records
Overall customer acquisition ROIWebsite conversion:
subscriptions, time spent on site,
decreased bounce rate
Record customer acquisition within a month or a year period (1.5-10X)Campaign outreach:
PPC or video, YouTube marketing
Brand reputation and awarenessSEO:
keyword research to find high-traffic, yet low-competitive niches

Marketing funnel conversion

Content marketing:
Most read/viral/converting article
Affiliate programs
Google reviews
You name it

The process

  1. ) Overview of possible areas, channels, setting the overall financial goals or the KPIs of a specific area.
  2. ) Feasibility assessment regarding the load capacity of the organization. Working out scenarios for extreme scalability, implementing lean best practices, sales funnel optimization, getting ready to break a record.
  3. ) Simultaneously, ideation, creation of simple, effortless, yet powerful growth strategy for the record-breaking.
  4. ) Agreement on the strategy.
  5. ) Execution. I either work with my client's team or, if required, I plug into your company a high-class team, some of them having a Pulitzer Prize, another is regularly invited to Mountain View by Google due to his deep knowledge and commitment, etc. I enable my clients to directly contract my network of top 0,5% professionals right from the beginning, and work with them, even after our project is over.
  6. ) Evaluation and continuous support.

Note: this is a highly flexible process, where, as needed, we may make quick changes amid the execution.

Innovation might be expensive. But remaining mediocre is even more expensive.

Okay, I’m interested! Let’s explore my opportunities!