Growth Strategy Consultation

Get back your focus and time!

Growth strategy is all about gaining ongoing momentum by creating clarity with a fresh perspective on what and when to do next.

Constant action in itself isn't going to get you where you want to go. Strategy will.

What is this good for?

  • Experience effortless growth, instead of fighting for every next stage.
  • Get to the next level, without the need of spending significantly more.
  • Have better visibility of marketing processes and see what others don’t.
  • Enjoy the freedom of a predictable, yet flexible system.
  • Have a stronger brand and allocate less resources to market education.
  • Leave the distraction and frustration behind; that you have years of to-dos ahead.
  • Get energized by feedback and guidance from a fresh perspective.
  • Reduce dedicated time, false positives, and the learning curve.

When you know what to do, it can take a surprisingly small effort and amount to succeed.

How does it work?

  1. ) We start with a 10–15-minute call online or via phone to briefly discuss your goals.
  2. ) Based on the call, we recommend an initial small project where we can have our first common working experience without any significant risk. In this highly flexible start, we may assess:
    • Where are the unique areas in your organization where we could make a permanent improvement with a one-time investment?
    • How to find and leverage underutilized resources?
    • How to leverage your best-working channels?
    • How to have better visibility of growth-related projects, cause and effects relationships?
    • How to build a high-level growth strategy and what may be the best channels for you and why?
    • Some basics about 10X fundamentals.
    • What are and how to assess the bottlenecks affecting growth.
    • Quick fixes without a broader change.
  3. ) Many times, this proved to be enough to take the next steps.
    • At this point, you may decide that you already have the knowledge and resources to reach your goals.
    • You may also conclude that your time is more valuable and would prefer to outsource the delivery partly or entirely.
  4. ) The delivery
    • We are narrowing the task to the essential.
    • We fine-tune processes with lean principles.
    • We take on the challenge and function as a part of the team, i.e., interim assignment.
  5. ) Project transfer and support
    • As we finish, we hand over the entire project.
    • Stabilize the new status, i.e., “packaging.”
    • We provide ongoing support for a smooth transition.

This is a highly flexible process, where, as needed, we may make quick changes amid the execution.

We can effectively work with organizations, where:

  • Transparency and trust are a core part of the culture.
  • There is a data-driven approach, yet there is still a place for creativity and experiments.
  • Ownership appreciates extreme-high quality and sees it as a long-term investment.
  • People have genuine curiosity and aptitude for improvement and welcome feedback.
  • Added value is appreciated and the organization is comfortable paying a price commensurate with it.