Our story

Our Story

As someone who’s never been comfortable with the status quo and the known, I’ve always had the curiosity and adventurousness to seek completely new, yet elegant solutions to existing challenges. This has inevitably led me through an eclectic career, and provided me with the opportunity to learn many valuable life lessons.

One of the most important lessons I learned about myself also came to define my role at work: I often complete my tasks significantly faster than most people think possible, and find myself taking on multiple projects across completely different disciplines,

This multi-disciplinary approach came naturally to me through my innate inquisitiveness and aptitude. It has allowed me to gain experience and expertise across a wide variety of disciplines related to organizational development and growth. These include leadership performance, process improvement, lean principles and customized key performance indicator development for monitoring effectiveness, as well as web and application UX/UI design and project management. Eventually, I decided to focus primarily on online marketing, including funnel-optimization, A/B testing and search engine optimization, as this provided a more dynamic learning experience and more rapidly visible results. The complexity of the projects I undertook also required me to become familiar with several other important business disciplines, including public relations, social media, strategic partnerships, email marketing and R&D.

The broad range of expertise I acquired during this time has enabled me now to discover extraordinarily deep and complex connections and correlations within organizations and to purposefully drill down deeply across the entire organization with an “entrepreneurial attitude,” to uncover cause and effect relationships that affect the overall results the most.

Based on these findings, by mixing and matching elements plucked from across all disciplines I can develop uniquely tailored cross-disciplinary solutions that result in the greatest return on investment and enables organizations to quickly attain or accelerate sustainable growth with an exceptionally smooth and efficient operation.

Perhaps surprisingly, clients often achieved these results without incurring any significant additional financial burden with my new approach. They may require only modest reorganization of their existing resources in a logical, yet non-obvious way, or simply more fine-tuning of one or more of their key organizational elements, such as marketing, web development, structure, strategy, etc.

This is a completely new approach that has also created a new challenge for me: How do I clearly and succinctly express what I do – the complex methods I have developed to deliver these results? Standardizing something whose real value is its being highly personalized seemed to be an oxymoron.

The team

During this journey, I developed strong alliances with top independent professionals that often evolved into close personal friendships. We found we shared a common joy in our work, regardless of the financial aspects, and soon I found myself taking the leadership position. My experience at several NGOs gave me the ability to inspire people to work toward common goals with integrity, discipline and care. Despite this, I still consider myself more of a facilitator between partners and top talents than a “boss.”

Over time, I was fortunate to assemble a stable core team, which I then supplemented as necessary through the alliances and partnerships I had already formed to bring in solid experience in a variety of disciplines, including web development, online advertising, SEO, sales, coaching, science and NGOs. We always strive to “do the right thing,” professionally and ethically, using a holistic approach to provide strategic solutions tailored to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

With small companies, we usually develop a workable strategy with the client and then connect the organization to the appropriate professionals to implement that strategy. At larger organizations, I assume a full-time contracted role within the organization, using a cross-functional approach that ensures existing resources are taken full advantage of.

Our core values - What defines us the most

We take part in your growth

We take part in your growth. We don’t just advise.

We learn all about your business, strategically plan with you, share our network of top professionals and take part in your overall growth.

Completely new and unique approaches

We apply new and unique approaches

With completely new and unique approaches, we can find novel ways to reach your goals and beyond, leading to greater fulfillment in your journey.

We are fast, as we place a strong focus on a few selected companies

We are FAST

We choose only a few companies to work with each year, allowing us to maintain a strong focus on and dedication to your success.

Our vision

Our purpose is to make the world a better place

Our true purpose is to make the world a better place. We mean it.

In the past decade, we supported NGOs and inventors in several ways, especially by applying knowledge and dedicating time to support projects we felt were aligned with our values.

What sets us apart is that many of us grew up working closely with NGOs, supporting them, even taking leadership roles at times and gaining decades' worth of networking in the field. As a result, we know exactly where to place our resources to make the greatest contribution.

We also pursue several self-initiated projects with the aim of making them grow on an international level.

We dedicate our income and resources in support of the following:

Education and open-source projects to help it

Education and open-source projects to help it

Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Science and technologies that can contribute to our other efforts

Science and technologies that can contribute to our other efforts

Reducing poverty

Reducing poverty

When you choose to walk a common road with us, you also give back to the people of the world.

Okay, I’m interested! Let’s explore my opportunities!