Taking Organizations to the Next Level
Without Spending a Fortune as Others Would

Enjoy freed-up time and energy by making short-cuts
while your competitors stay on the usual “do more, earn more” track.

Organizational growth – define the right structure

Growth Strategy Consultation

Keep your company in harmony while attaining hypergrowth. Have a state of art marketing playbook. Be certain on how to spend your money efficiently. Have clarity on how to move forward.

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Identify and implement innovations, as well as create uncontested market space

Create uncontested market space

Identify and implement innovations, as well as create uncontested market space by using your existing products/services in unconventional, innovative ways, making competition irrelevant.

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Organizational growth – define the right structure

Break a record

Breaking a record is all about skyrocketing ROI. Doing something orders of magnitude more efficiently than ever before. Hence, freeing up resources that you can allocate elsewhere.

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Online presence & E-commerce – increase quality and quantity indicators

SEO friendly website development

Increase quality and quantity indicators such as conversion rate and user engagement, make super user-friendly interfaces that customers will rave about, and deepen trust toward your business.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional leverage to organizations that truly add value to humanity, by permanently skyrocketing income with a relatively insignificant one-time investment.

We provide a unique approach, never-ever jumping on “trends”, or forcing something we’re an expert in, but rather we always deeply learn about your organization and work out a completely personally tailored solution to accelerate your income in a novel, unconventional way, while freeing up time and resources at the same time.

Our mantra:

“Those hide behind the bastions of complexity, who are not yet able to rise to the heights of simplicity.”

Prof. Janos Susanszky

Innobloom – make a significant strategic difference

We focus intently on providing the most with the least investment, no matter what the goal is: entering a new market, overcoming competition, or solving a scientific challenge.

Innobloom references
Innobloom references