Who we are

Embracing diversity

Our team comprises top professionals from multiple disciplines with a wide range of solid experience and business networks. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we have no need or desire to sell you services that won’t truly impact your business. In this alliance we are fully committed to our customers’ success.

We take part in your growth

We take part in your growth, we don’t just advise

We deeply learn about your business, plan with you strategically, share our network of top professionals and take part in your overall growth.

Completely new and unique approaches

Completely new and unique approaches

With completely new and unconventional approaches, we build unique ways to reach your goals and beyond, leading to greater fulfillment in your journey.

We are fast, as we place a strong focus on a few selected companies

We are FAST

We choose only a few companies to work with each year, which means we have a strong focus and dedication to the success of each of our partners.


The team behind Innobloom consists of a small group of people with a unique and large network of best in class professionals from the most diverse areas, such as web development, online advertising, SEO, sales, organizational development, science and NGO’s. This enables us to define a strategy that is best for the organization, without having a particular interest in “selling” a certain service for our own benefit. As we define a strategy we both start working with you and connecting you with those professionals who focus on their area on a day to day basis.

Our team works together with you, using a cross-functional approach to ensure that you take full advantage of your existing resources in your organization.


Our purpose is to make the world a better place

Our true purpose is to make the world a better place to live. We mean it.

We dedicate a whopping 10-30% of our resources to help people.

In the last decade we continuously supported NGO’s, and later inventors in several ways, especially with knowledge and dedicated time to support projects that felt good and right.

One common setback is that they are missing capital. Although there are many philanthropists in the world, it seems they are not always targeting the issues that would make the biggest difference on our planet, or their investments do not reach the right organizations and initiatives.

What sets us apart is that most of us “grew up” hand-in-hand with NGO’s, supporting them - sometimes even taking leadership roles in them - and gaining decades worth of networking in the field, so we know exactly where to place the sources to make the highest contribution. We also have self-started projects with the aim to make them grow on an international level, so we hire the best, most passionate people and ensure they are able to dedicate their full time to help other people.

We dedicate our income and resources to support the following areas:

We support education and open-source projects

Education and open-source projects which might help it

We support environment protection

Environment protection

We support science and technology

Science and Technology which contribute to all other efforts

We support poverty alleviation

Poverty alleviation

When you make the choice to walk a common road with us, you don’t just choose a partner. You give back to the people of our world.

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