Organizational growth

Organizational growth

Although a lot of s crave an organization that runs like a machine where you press the button and let it run… the reality is that the more your income is based on added value, the more need there is for a leader to inspire people who create this value in your organization.

However, with the right and clear structure, processes and core common values, this can be a truly joyful experience. Also, later on this can be the basis to invite a new CEO to take over the company, allowing you to enjoy spending more time with your loved ones, or starting something completely new. Still, as this change takes place, the values you planted will accompany your organization for years or decades.

Common Pitfalls

We’ve heard these lines so many times

“If we get this one single thing done…”

Sometimes it might take only one change to reach the desired result, but usually not. That “one thing” that seems to be the only challenge most of the time is rooted in entrenched patterns of behavior. Reframing a behavior is usually not easy. However it is possible.

“If we become more automatized, everything will work out…”

True… and at the same time false. If you automatize processes and save time and energy that’s good, but automatizing chaos does not create order, just an automatized chaos. First we have to establish order with well-designed and properly mapped processes and then we should start automatizing.

“We just need more traffic…” or “We just need to fix up our funnels, and everything will be right…”

Why distract your focus and make unnecessary efforts when you can leverage the full potential of your recent customer base and focus on your core competences? Often, it is far faster, more predictable and cheaper to boost your revenue from the same traffic or innovate than to set up additional sources of new visitors.

“Unfortunately we were not the first in the market…”

Great! You can learn from somebody else’s mistakes and build up your dream with less by-rounds. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it? With an innovative approach and the right focus you always have the chance to get ahead of your competitors, or find a highly profitable .

We take into account this aspect of a company as well while working on finding a new approach to enable faster growth, however we do not undertake organizational development work on its own.

Okay, I’m interested! Let’s explore my opportunities!