Innovation is about how to

Create Uncontested Market Space to Make Competition Irrelevant

This is a trust based service, as R&D has its pitfalls and uncertainties due to its nature.

Finding a new approach on how to use a product or service

Finding a new approach on how to use a product or service

The goal is making innovative modifications that can make an outstanding difference in your existing service or product without the significant investment required to build something up from scratch.

The stage you may benefit from this, is when:

  • You have a product or service, and the end of its market is already within sight.
  • The market is too tough and your ROI does not live up to your desires.
  • You have a breakthrough idea, and would benefit from an additional feature to easily introduce it to the market.

Note: no innovation is ever-green, thus bear in mind, that we can take on the market for a while, however your competitors will start offering “similar” solutions sooner or later.

For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) – which contributed an estimated $3.8 billion to Amazon’s revenues in 2013 –, came from an “ordinary” employee who had a vision about using the company’s infrastructure and selling virtual servers as services. Since then cloud services have become wide-spread…

On the other side…

Innovation might be expensive. But remaining mediocre is even more expensive.

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